Pest webzine (Rumania)

(02 May 2013)

Holy crap, this is an almost 20 years old band! Karonte was founded in 1994 but unfortunately only managed to release 2 full-length albums so far, this one and their debut back in 2006, so we’re dealing here with a not so productive outfit… Anyway, “Paraiso sin fe” is an 8 tracks effort lasting for almost 40 minutes of low-tuned traditional Death Metal with very food Melodic insertions in form of delicious guitar solos and leads, something we’re not so used to anymore unfortunately. I’d say it’s a combination of Swedish with Dutch Death Metal, mid-tempo, heavy as fuck, mostly simple structured but with some progressive oriented parts as well, perfect for the ones of you in search for traditional Death Metal lead by solidguitar riffs and Heavy Metal – like guitar solos. definitely not a pretentious release but one that might make it in your monthly best of tops.

Rating: 8/10