reviews-paraiso-sin-fe-en (Finlandia)

(08 Enero 2013)

It’s been a long time since I wrote a review about a Spanish band, but here we go! I have known Karonte since 1999 when they released their 3rd demo called “Bendita Hipocresía”. In the early days their sound was unconsciously influenced by bands such as Bolt Thrower meets Sabbath in some way. Back in 2006 the band finally released their debut album called “Letargo”, where the influences of the band changed a lot, into a more Swedish melodic death metal style, with some thrash riffing guitars. To be honest, I didn’t like the change too much, because I personally think Kini’s voice was too raw and grunt /growl. Too much grunt technique and the comparison with the earlier material was too obvious and unavoidable. Karonte is one of those bands that never surrender, they make it because they love it. A few days ago I received their long-awaited second full length called “Paraíso Sin Fe”  and when I played the first track, I just felt some sort of a shock. The very first impression that came to my mind was “this is the Karonte of the demos, multiplied byπ ”.

A totally insane, out of control inside the control, powerful reek of old school death metal in your face, melted with a lof of great melodic parts (Gorefest – “Erase” era, specially the guitar solos parts). Imagine a hybrid between the first Hypocrisy and Asphyx meets the middle era of Sinister  meets Gorefest and at the same time the most melodic Hypocrisy and as a result you will have “Paraíso Sin Fe”.  I followed the process of making this album online, the band recorded this in their own home studio, and the result is more than awe-inspiring work; brutal, intense, sharp. A cutting knife of old school, and sometimes more comparable to an oxidated hammer: heavy as fuck. With this album the band will project their name outside the borders of Spain. It’s the perfect business card to catch the attention of the international press, even though the album is sung in Spanish. But that doesn’t really matter too much, because Kini’s voice is so low pitched, growling style, that it sounds like a pissed off orc (Magnus Broberg meets Jan-Chris de Koeijer). Honestly, one of the best voice of the Spanish extreme metal scene nowadays. His vocal evolution is simply amazing. No tricks – just pure old school style. The compositions are more complex than in any of their previous works, and I really see they were listening to a lot of old school death metal. You can find a little bit more about the background of the album, that makes it more enjoyable, and at the same time I can say this album is not lineal. Definitely the band has stepped strongly in the Spanish extreme music history with this album. Completely, highly recommended old school stuff. Listen HERE