Cannadian Assault ‘zine


“Alliance For Death Domination” Split CD EP

(Dead Sheep Productions)

I have to admit I was very interested in this release when I pulled it out of my mailbox. Just the immediate first impression I received from the band names, song titles, cover and hell I also like the attitude / mindset to call your record label Dead Sheep haha. It sounds like something I would do, Autopsy Kitchen anyone? Anyway, on to this split, Karonte, a veteran band is up first up with three tracks on this 22 minute EP. They hail from Spain, which immediately conjures up past memories of brutal death metal bands, from that country. Spanish dm bands traditionally tend to have this dark, and very mean brutal sound and dangerous feeling atmosphere to their music, Karonte carries this tradition on in fine form. Well, maybe Karonte has a hint more melodo finesse and catchiness to their riffs, comparing to many of their countrymen, but only a hint I say. I would say this is most evident, on the third track “Dominación”, which incorporates a more distinctive level of heavy metal guitar histrionics, but also slows down the pace a fair bit and in so doing brings a doomy feel to the track. Damn, this is a great first half to the split. Bloody Brotherhood also from Spain, comes at us with two tracks, “In Tyrant’s Land” & “Thousand Years Of Lies”, both of which are a little longer than the Karonte hymns. BB has a cleaner, less dirty (I mean that in a positive way) guitar sound than Karonte, but also play death metal and do so mostly at a middle pace. Bloody at first blush, does not seem quite as brutal, but they have their moments and the brutish bits come at you in sudden fits and starts like a suddenly striking viper after it took a moment to size you up. The vocals are growls, but at times have black, hate dipped emotive vitriol to them, which I like very much and those vocals do a lot to give the band a certain atmosphere and feel, which could at times, be reflected more in the music to make the songs more powerful, in my opinion. I did not enjoy the Bloody Brotherhood side of the split as much as Karonte, but having said that Bloody have some really good things going for them and I look forward to hear more from this young band as they progress into the future. This is a pretty killer release, I have the disc, but there is also a 10” EP vinyl version as well. I bet these songs sound fantastic on the turntable. Whichever version you check out, I have a feeling you will enjoy it, if you are a death metal lover there is a lot take in on this release for an EP. I hope to one day find more rotting pieces of dead sheep’s delicious carcass in the future. – Dale