Battle Helm Magazine (Suecia)

(10 Jun 2013)

It is often that I find myself staring at a record by a band that I have never heard a single note from before. And I love it. The chance of getting to know of new bands is the most fun part of doing this for Battle Helm. I get to experience a bundle of new interesting bands at a very low cost. KARONTE are new to me despite them having being around for a while now. This Spanish play a death metal that is as heavy as it is thick in sound. It’s like a wall of impenetrable mass. Try banging your head against it and you’ll end up with a sore head. It might not be of the highest tempo but you know what they say about the tortoise and the hare; it’s not the start but the finish that matters. And finish this lot do. If you like your death metal mixed with more traditional heavy metal you could do worse than this.
By Anders Ekdahl