Cannadian Assault ‘zine

KARONTE / BLOODY BROTHERHOOD “Alliance For Death Domination” Split CD EP (Dead Sheep Productions) I have to admit I was very interested in this release when I pulled it out of my mailbox. Just the immediate first impression I received from the band names, song titles, cover and hell I also like the attitude / […]

Insonoro (España)

Karonte y Bloody Brotherhood CD Alliance For Death Domination Fecha Publicación: 06/09/2017 Autor: Txutxy Cano Comentarios En estos tiempos en los que es tan difícil que tu música sea escuchada en los soportes tradicionales ante tanta oferta semi gratuita ya sea mediante streaming o en cualquier otro tipo de plataforma digital, es bueno que los […] (USA)

This split Cd came from Spain featuring two important powerful old school Death metal bands. Karonte plays an extremely fast, intense, high-octane brand of death metal, featuring some of the most mind blowingly fast and precise drumming, each and every track is 100% solid death metal. This is a prime example of how death metal […] (Netherlands)

Karonte/Bloody Brotherhood – Alliance For Death Domination From the north of Spain comes this split “Alliance For Death Domination” by Karonte and Bloody Brotherhood released in vinyl on three labels: Dead Sheep Prod., Base Rec. Prod. and Hecatombe Rec. Both bands play old school death metal, in the way of bands like Entombed, Dismember, Carcass, […] (España)

KARONTE / BLOODY BROTHERHOOD – Alliance For Death Domination (2017) by Andoni Bro Death Metal karonte11. Karonte – El ocaso – (02:40) 2. Karonte – No hay vida sin dolor – (04:39) 3. Karonte – Dominación – (04:02) 4. Bloody Brotherhood – In Tyrant’s Land – (05:43) 5. Bloody Brotherhood – Thousand Years of Lies […]

Deathly storm (Czech Republic )

KARONTE / BLOODY BROTHERHOOD – Alliance for Death Domination split 2017, Dead Sheep Productions / Base Record Production / Hecatombe Records Sešli jsme se zde, abychom zavzpomínali na starý dobrý death metal. Bývaly to tenkrát krásné časy. Na hřbitovech se pohřbívalo ještě do země a hudba byla prašivá, až víka od rakví praskala. Dostala se […]

Wings of death (Netherlands)

Bloody Brotherhood / Karonte – Alliance for Death Domination Gepost in Reviews door Chris van der Aa op 07-05-2017 Bloody Brotherhood / Karonte – Alliance for Death Domination BandBloody Brotherhood [ES], Karonte [ES] TitelAlliance for Death Domination Release datum01-04-2017 LabelDead Sheep Productions [ES] PromotorDead Sheep Productions [ES] Genre Deathmetal Tracklist Karonte: 01. El Ocaso 02. […]